Remelt & Phosphitation


Sugar Cane
Raw Sugar


9,500 M.Tons per day

Production Facility For Sugar

Basic plant was manufactured by Heavy Mechanical Complex (Pvt.) Ltd with combination of imported machinery & equipments. Initially the Plant was designed with cane crushing capacity of 4,000 M.Tons per day which was enhanced to 9,500 M.Tons in four phases. During the year 2009, the Plant was modified through addition of Falling Film Evaporators integrated with Distribution Control System to increase plant capacity & efficiency. Simultaneously condensers were added to Cooling Tower to increase efficiency of the Plant. The Plant is backed up by power generators run by steam turbines having capacity of 23.5 M.W with synchronizing facility of 4 M.W to the national grid. Computerized Weigh Bridges integrated to central control system managed through dedicated software are installed for procurement of sugar cane.