Mr. Muhammad Abad Khan

Advisor to CEO

Mr. M. Abad Khan graduated in Mechanical Engineering from UET Lahore and received extensive training in fertilizer manufacturing from abroad. Over the last 55 years of his career, he remained part of the growth of fertilizer industry in Pakistan.

He was part of the team that commissioned Pakistan’s first Urea Plant under the aegis of PIDC. He served Exxon Chemical Pakistan Ltd. for 15 years mostly at senior management positions in manufacturing. He led Fauji Fertilizer Company manufacturing for 14 years as General Manager Plant. During this period, Plant operated par excellence and its design capacity increased to more than double. In 2001, when FFBL faced serious challenges, he took responsibility as head of the manufacturing and was instrumental in a major revamp which improved the capacity by 25%.

He has been with Fatima Group for the last 10 years and played a significant role in establishment and progress of Fatima Fertilizer plant and operational improvements in Pak Arab Fertilizer.

During the course of a long career, he had extensive international exposures through seminars, symposiums and trainings including the one at Harvard Business School.

He is also Director of several other Group Companies namely Fatima Energy Ltd, Pak Arab Energy Ltd, Fatimafert Ltd, Bubber Sher (Pvt) Ltd, Fatima Ventures (Pvt) Ltd and Fatima Electric Co Ltd.