Liner Manufacturing

Fatima Packaging Limited (formerly Reliance Sacks Limited) was facing serious problems in getting quality liners from local market. To overcome these problems RSL started manufacturing of liner with 04 liner extruders and 03 sealing of cutting machines. Daily production of each extruder is 1000 KG & total production of liners is 4000 KG per day. Now we are also producing a quality product to our customers’ satisfaction using virgin material and have overcome the rejection problem due to standards ash contents.

Fatima Packaging Limited (formerly Reliance Sacks Limited) also supplying its liners in open market. The main customer is Fauji Fertilizer Company & utilizing 100% of its capacity. In future the company is also looking for exporting the liners in Afghanistan and Middle East.

Page Last Updated: Thursday, December 28, 2017