Reliance Sacks Ltd (RSL) is a joint venture between Arif Habib Group and Fatima Group. Reliance Sacks Ltd is subsidiary of Pakarab Fertilizers Ltd. RSL is one of the largest manufactures of Polypropylene Bags which are mainly used for the packing of Fertilizer, Sugar, Chemicals, Textile, Rice, Wheat, Salt, Vegetables etc in the world. The manufacturing facility is located in District Rahim Yar Khan.

The machinery has been imported from Starlinger and is the latest in the field of processing woven polypropylene bags and material. The project has started commercial production since Jan 2013 and presently the installed capacity of the plant is 4.3 Million bags per month. Reliance Sacks Ltd is certified with Pakistan Standards & quality control Authority in 2012 furthermore the operations of the company are ISO 9001:2008 certified. RSL has been awarded with “Best Supplier award” for Pak Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PAJCCI). We are already supplying WPP Bags to very different sectors of Pakistan like Fertilizer, Sugar, Textile, Chemicals, Feed Wheat Industries and Exporting to Afghanistan.

We believe in stimulating and challenging team oriented work environment that encourages, develops and rewards excellence and diligently serve communities, maintaining high standards of moral and ethical values.

Our customer confidence in our product has always inspired us to add value to your money by further improving the product quality. Reliance Sacks Ltd dynamic and adaptive culture has helped defy several obstacles that potentially could have stood in the way of its progression. Having gone through along evolution and not one to be left behind, the company has constantly changed in order to meet the changing needs of society.

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