Capacity Building

Discover your potential, Keep learning, Continue Growing.

At Fatima Group as we continue on a journey of sustainable growth, the human resource is at the core of our strategy - to hire, develop and retain high quality leadership and build a highly skilled, engaged and diverse workforce.

We believe in building organizations through capacity building and leading businesses and teams. As a learning organization, we take pride in sharing a zest for knowledge and developing skills. Through our core management development program we build tomorrow's leaders and optimize organizational excellence across all functions and levels of management. We are continuously upgrading our technical capability and talent through different national and international certification programs.

Our approach to training drives career development in a world of new workforce requirements and leads to a strong talent pipeline.

We provide growth opportunities to our employees to excel in their careers through  cross-functional rotation, special projects and assignments and training.

Page Last Updated: Thursday, April 28, 2016