About Fatima Energy

Meeting growing demands

Energy is to the country what blood is to the body. Energy is the basis on which the foundation of progress and prosperity is laid. It plays the pivotal role in the economic development of the country. The government is now looking to rely on the private sector to overcome the ongoing energy crisis in the country. Fatima Energy has the capacity to produce up to 100MW electricity, processing byproduct (bagasse) from its sugar manufacturing operations at Fatima Sugar Mills Limited. Produced from bagasse, an alternative source,the plant is self-sufficient to meet the energy needs of Fatima Sugar Mill and contributing to the national grid at the same time.  

Vision and Mission

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Company Overview

Attaining higher levels of self-sufficiency and efficiency.

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Chairman's Message

Fatima Energy Ltd. perseveres to remain self-sufficient and maintain c ...

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Board of Directors

The vision and untiring efforts of more than two decades has made this ...

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Management Team

Professional management and team work has been the key to our success.

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