Fatima Energy Chairman's Message

Fatima Energy Ltd. perseveres to remain self-sufficient and maintain competitive edge and financial gains.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Fatima Energy Limited, I am pleased to welcome you to the Company's website.

International Scenario

Globally, the demand for energy resources has risen at unprecedented rates and this has led to high demand and increased use of fossil fuel. However, current projections of increased energy demand threaten a massive disruption of the global biosphere, as excessive use of fossil fuel is considered the primary cause of climate change. Climate change is a threat to sustainable development and developing countries are most vulnerable to it. Within the context of anticipated patterns of future energy usage and consequent environmental impacts, the potential role of renewable energy sources is crucial in sustainable economic, environmental, and social development for many countries.

Domestic Market

The energy sector plays a key role in the development and growth of the economy by ensuring an adequate, secure and cost-effective supply of energy and utilizing energy resources efficiently. However, energy sector problems have had a devastating impact on the economy of Pakistan. In 2009-2010, the primary energy supply has gone down by 0.64% and the per capita availability of energy has gone down by 3.09%. Inter-corporate circular debt in the energy supply chain, along with sharp increase in oil prices internationally have led to increased costs. Pakistan relies heavily on oil and gas to meet its energy consumption needs. Electricity generation has suffered due to gas shortages and lower accumulation of water resources. The problems have also lead to under-utilization of available generation capabilities. This has had extremely negative effects on the leading industries of the country. Moreover, Pakistan also faces environmental challenges. It has been observed that temperature has risen by 0.6% annually for the past century. Greenhouse gas emissions have endangered the food, water and the energy security of the country. In the face of a crippling energy crisis and given environmental concerns, demographic trends and high poverty, that over-reliance on non-renewable source of energy is a cause of concern. To overcome the substantial energy shortage, the government is looking towards the private sector to supplement this shortfall. Private sector has a share of 31.6% in the total installed capacity. In 2010, private sector has witnessed a significant growth of 7.1% in its installations.

Fatima Energy Limited

In view of this crisis, Fatima group recognizes the need to explore different sources of energy. For this, Fatima energy has been incorporated and all plans have been finalized to install a power generation plant. Fatima Energy will be capable of producing up to 100MW electricity, processing byproduct (bagasse) from its sugar manufacturing activities at Fatima Sugar Mills Limited. Bagasse, a biomass, is a source of renewable energy. The Plant is capable of using bagasse during crushing season. During off-season, coal will be used for power generation. Given high global energy demand, coal is a cheap and a reliable source of energy. Coal is used in more than 40% of the world’s electricity production. Pakistan has an estimated 185 billion tonnes of coal resources, including 175 billion tonnes in Thar coalfield in Sindh. Approximately, Pakistan has 0.3% of the world’s total proved recoverable coal resources. The thermodynamic efficiency of power generation using coal has improved considerably over time. Compared to the older plants, the newer plants are significantly more efficient and produce lower levels of waste heat. The power generated from the Plant is sufficient to meet the Sugar Mill's immediate energy needs and also contribute to the national grid.

Future Outlook

Confronting an energy crisis that is damaging the economy and placing the future of the country in peril, Fatima Energy Ltd. perseveres to remain self-sufficient and maintain competitive edge and financial gains. We aim to successfully employ cost-effective solutions designed for best possible utilization of the available resources through a world-class production facility and a team of employees diligently working to attain economic growth and development for the country, without compromising on the environment.

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