Vision and Mission


To meet the growing demands for energy, with an aim to play a leading role in re-shapping the future of the energy industry and the sustainable development of pakistan. We focus on achieving operational excellence while caring for the environment and the communities we work in and creating shareholder's value.


We continually drive for the highest operational and financial performance through innovations, efficiency and financial discipline on behalf of all our stakeholders.

We are committed to making safety a priority in all that we do by integrating safety into our daily culture.

We mobilize all our strengths in a spirit of teamwork and values-driven behavior to share best practice, learn from each other and create a sustainable energy business.  

To create a work environment which promotes prides, job satisfaction, employee participation and equal opportunity for career advancement.  

To be a good corporate citizen and be responsible to society and environment.  

Page Last Updated: Friday, April 29, 2016