Health, Safety & Environment

We are dedicated for continuous improvement in HSE practices through effective communication, motivation, team work and training.

Fatima Fertilizer is committed to maintain safety and health of all the employees, visitors and community by applying standards, laws and regulations for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) through Process Safety Management.

We also recognize the importance of protecting the environment while conducting our business and believe that caring for the environment is not only an ethical and legal obligation but also a mechanism for success. Fatima Fertilizer abides by all local environmental laws and regulations including National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS). We continually strive to align our HSE management systems and processes to international best practices including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and DuPont Workplace Safety Standards.

 We are dedicated for continuous improvement in HSE practices through effective communication, motivation, team work and training.

HSE Policy

Our goal is to become a benchmark for industry by achieving excellence in Health Safety and Environment.

All employees must comply with this policy and the HSE procedures. They must actively play a key role in ensuring the health and safety of themselves and their colleagues and protecting the environment in which we operate.

HSE Mission Statement

Raise and maintain HSE standards at Fatima - in line with International recognized and Industry-Best Practices that  prevent serious accident, minimize harm and exposure to people, promote environment sustainability and protects plant & equipment. To further develop and achieve a recognized Quality Management Systems (QMS) Accreditation to ISO Health, Safety & Environment & Process Safety Management standards with a culture of Responsible Care and Behavioral Based Safety approach.

Emergency Preparedness

Fatima Management firmly believe that the best way to respond to an Emergency is to do all possible to AVOID it from happening in the first place and has a state of the Art Complex that is designed, operated and maintained to the strictest of International best practice Engineering Safety Standards.

Notwithstanding – Fatima has a comprehensive Emergency Response Procedure as well as a fully equipped Health, Safety & Environment HSE Department complete with a Team of dedicated professional Fire & Safety operators with Emergency Response Fire Truck Appliances, Fire Station and all possible response resources on a rotating Shift coverage basis. Fatima also supplements its response with a fully representative Auxiliary Fire Warden / Fireman Emergency Response Team (ERT) - led by the Fatima Plant Operations Coordination Engineer (Incident Commander) in any major emergency situation. The team is further supported by 24 hour coverage Paramedic Nurses and Doctors from the Fatima Medical Center, an Ambulance as well as close links with the Emergency Response Area Authorities and Mutual Aid Neighboring Industries.

Safety History

The Company has continually strived to make a valid, industrial safe and incident-free workplace. In their "Safety First" policy, the company put forth all its efforts to incorporate safety in all its programs, awareness campaigns, and implementations.

Process Safety Management program, for example, through which the company commitment has been focused on identification, understanding and control of hazards in the production units and related facilities. Safety activities are conducted that could enhance active participation by direct hire and contractor employees alike such as Safety Talks, Safety Competitions, HSE Days celebration like World Safety Day, World Environment Day and Safety Trainings/Seminars.

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