Corporate Social Responsibility

Fatimafert Limited is one of the oldest industrial units operating at Lahore Road Sheihkupura and has been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility since inception. Fatimafert Limited (formerly DH Fertilizers Limited) has two streams of operations. We have regular as well as spontaneous activities based on need / emergent basis.

In first stream, we have weekly Eye and Women Health Camps at our Plant site. The objective of these camps is to extend quality and free of cost health services to the unprivileged people of the area. To ensure quality services, we have been operating with technical and professional support as joint ventures with leading institutions viz-a-viz Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) for Eye Care and Al Ehsan Welfare Society (AEWS) for Women Health Care. LRBT & AEWS are providing charity services in the field of Eye Care and Women Health Care. Both these joint venture partners of Fatimafert Limited have highly qualified and experienced medical professionals.

In spontaneous activities, Fatimafert Limited supports different NGO’s / Charity Organizations / Government Bodies in the shape of goods and donations and support victims of natural disasters like earthquake and flood.

May Allah Tala give us the strength and support to extend our hands to other fellow human beings, not so blessed as we are.

Page Last Updated: Tuesday, May 30, 2017