Production Facilities

Fatimafert Limited’s Urea manufacturing facility is situated in the Punjab province, near the historic city of Sheikhupura, about 28 Km from Lahore. Furthermore, it is located in the heart of the Basmati Rice growing belt of Pakistan. It is an area of high agricultural significance, surrounded by farms growing everything from grains to other high value crops. The Fatimafert Limited Urea Plant is the biggest industrial concern in terms of capital investment within the Lahore division.

The complex constructed by M/s Fluor Corporation, USA and was commissioned on 13th November 1971. It was the third and the largest urea plant in the country at that time. Since then the manufacturing facilities have been frequently upgraded to meet increased demand. A major Balancing Modernization & Replacement (BMR) program was conducted in 1989-91 in order to enhance production, improve energy conservation and add environment friendly features to the plant.

Description Unit Design Specification
Plant Area Acres 228
Urea Production Metric Tons Per Day 1,350
Ammonia Production Metric Tons Per Day 815
Bagging Capacity Metric Tons per day 1,800
Urea Storage Capacity Metric Tons 100,000
Urea Bulk Storage Capacity Metric ton 5000
Ammonia Storage Capacity Metric Tons 4,000
Electricity Generation Mega Watts 15
Cooling Water Circulation Gallons per minute 75000
Natural Gas Consumption Million Cubic Feet per day 44.23

Prill Tower

To improve the quality of urea prills and conserve energy, a new prilling tower was built employing the latest available technology. The construction was carried out with the collaboration of M/s CWCEC of China. Field work started in March 2003 and the construction was completed till February 2004. The Prill Tower operates on natural draft air circulation, which results in increased average size and strength of prills. The height of the Prill tower is 348 feet with a diameter of over 72 feet.

Allied Infrastrucutre & Utilities

Fatimafert Limited’s Urea plant infrastructure is equipped with a power generation facility capable of running steam and gas turbines. These produce up to 13.5 MW of electricity. Additionally, there is a storage facility capable of storing around 0.9 million gallons of water.