Quality Management

Fatimafert Limited Quality Management System is built upon a process of framework that requires key decision points and accountabilities to ensure success at every critical phase. These decision points are based on clearly articulated requirements, well defined metrics, and rigorous quality reviews.

The Quality Management System of Fatimafert Limited was assessed and registered against quality assurance standard ISO 9002:1994 in 1997 and is being progressively upgraded.

Core Quality Policy

The main objectives of Fatimafert Limited Quality policy are:

  • Compliance to desired standards of Quality & Quantity
  • Time delivery of product
  • Consistency in product specifications
  • Complete customer satisfaction

These goals are attained by the inclusion of a Continuous Improvement Process. The process is a mechanism to achieve continuous improvement in all operations and is at the heart of the Fatimafert Limited QMS. Thus, it permeates every aspect of QMS as Fatimafert Limited strives to fulfill the principles stated clearly in its Quality Policy. Management Review Meetings are conducted on a regular basis to ensure implementation and overall improvement of systems.

Page Last Updated: Tuesday, May 30, 2017