Pattern of Share Holding

Pattern of Shareholding of Fatima Holding Limited as at March 31, 2017

Particulars Shares held
Mr. Fawad Ahmed Mukhtar 3,371,236
Mr. Fazal Ahmed Shiekh 23,895,964
Mr. Faisal Ahmed Mukhtar 23,895,960
Mrs. Ambreen Fawad 3,366,236
Mrs. Farah Faisal 25,000
Mrs. Fatima Fazal 25,000
Miss Meraj Fatima 4,295,873
Mr. Fahad Mukhtar 4,327,530
Mr. Abbas Mukhtar 4,327,529
Mr. Ali Mukhtar 4,327,529
Mr. Muhammad Mukhtar Sheikh 47,485
Mr. Asad Muhammad Sheikh 47,485
Mr. Muhammad Fazeel Mukhtar 31,658
Mr. Ibrahim Mukhtar 31,658
Mr. Mohid Muhammad Ahmed 31,657
Total: 72,047,800

Category of Shareholders
All shares are held by individuals.

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