Newly Approved Sugarcane Variety YTFG-236

The varietal origin was Guang Zhou Sugar Industry Research Institute (GSIRI), Guang Dong, Yuetang district of Hunan province, China. The research stuff was acquired by Pakistan Agricultural Research Council in 2010 and provided to Fatima Sugar Research and Development Centre under coordination in 2014 after the completion of quarantine testing process. The variety is the product of Bi-parental cross of YN 73-204 X CP72-1210. Long term selection and evaluation of YTFG-236 was carried out at FSRDC (Biometry of the variety is given in Table). Quick growth habitat of this variety has the ability to manage itself with the short growth duration. It has shown wider adoptability under the favorable input conditions in medium textured soil and tolerate with the shortage of irrigation water especially during the spring plantation. This variety will be the beneficial for both farmers community with the prominent economic returns and sugar industry as well as revenue for the country.

Biometry of Sugarcane Variety YTFG-236

Tillering potential 2.27 (Tiller Plant-1)
Cane yield potential High (151.50 t ha-1)
Maturity Very early with high sucrose (13.91%)
Purity potential 91.5%.
Ratooning Excellent
Cane formation Thick & Self trashing
Diseases Resistant to red rot, whip smut & Pokkah boeng and Moderately resistant to rust & mosaic.
Borers Moderately resistant