Biological Laboratory

Enhancing farmer's knowledge about insect control in sugarcane crop.

Establishment of a biological laboratory by Pakarab Fertilizer Ltd adjacent to the Mills' premises of FSML is another effort of management of Company to benefit farmers of vicinity.

Insect predators (Trichogramma and Chrysoperla Carneal are mass multiplied in the laboratory and are then supplied/ distributed to the growers for release in the field. Trichogramma is an egg parasitoid which destroys the eggs of sugarcane borers, maize and sorghum borers, vegetable pests and different moths.

Chrysopa is a predator and prays on many insects like sugarcane Pyrilla, Thrips, Aphids, Mites and White Fly. It is named as Aphid Lion by the scientists. These predators can be used to control insect pests of various crops, like, sugar cane, cotton, maize, sorghum, vegetables and citrus. Again the effort aims at the reduction in pesticide use, control insects biologically and minimizes environmental pollution.

Biological pest control is the only alternative of pesticides for pest control in crops and orchards. This method of insect control is cost effective, easy to use and environment friendily. Biological laboratory was established in 2007 and was run on trial basis that year. It was fully functional during the year 2008 and hundreds of farmers benefitted from this facility. This facility is provided throughout the country particularly to sugarcane growers.

Experiments conducted during the year 2008 have proved that complete insect control in sugarcane is fairly possible with these biological agents. Trichogramma was fully effective in controlling sugarcane, maize and sorghum borers. White fly in cotton was also fully controlled up to 35 days with Chrysoperla Carnea.

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