Policy Statement of Ethics and Business Practices

Fatima Sugar Mills Limited conducts its business with the highest ethical standards in full compliance with all applicable laws.

Honesty and integrity take precedence in all relationships including those with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity and openness, and with respect for all stakeholders of the company.

Obeying the Law

The company and its employees are required to comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the country.


We are committed to diversify in a working environment where there is mutual trust and respect and where everyone feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company. We place great importance on our employees. We are committed to invest in the professional development and improvement of skills of our human resources, since we believe by investing in our people we invest in our future. We recruit, employ and promote employees on the sole basis of the capabilities and abilities needed for the work to be performed. Company's human resource policy is based on the underlying values of fairness, merit, equal opportunity and social responsibility

Health and Safety

We are committed to safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. Our corporate objective to ensure the health and safety of company's employees, workers and contractors rank equally with our other corporate objectives such as market share and profit. We strive to perform work in the safest practicable manner, consistent with best industrial practices while adhering completely to the requirements of health and safety codes and practices.


We are committed for providing good products which consistently offer value in terms of price and quality, and which are safe for their intended use.


We conduct our operations in accordance with internationally accepted principles of good corporate governance. We provide timely, regular and reliable information on our activities, financial position and performance to all our shareholders.

Business Partner

We are committed to establishing mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers, customers and business partners. We strive to safeguard interests of all stakeholders.

Community Involvement

We are committed to be a trusted corporate citizen and, as an integral part of society, to fulfill our responsibilities to the societies and communities in which we operate.

The Environment

We are committed to making continuous improvements in the management of our environmental impact and to the longe-term goal of developing a sustainable business.


We believe in vigorous fair competition and support the development of appropriate competition laws. We conduct our operations in accordance with the principles of fair competition and all applicable regulations.

Business Integrity

We do not give or receive improper advantages for business or financial gain. Employees are discouraged from using their positions, company resources or information for personal gain. We believe that accounting records and supporting documents must accurately describe and reflect the nature of the underlying transactions.

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