Social Contributions

سماجی فلاح و بہبود کے لیے اقدامات

FSML has undertaken a wide range of initiatives to support several social, health and educational programs. Such initiatives include instituting support, cash awards, hospital facilities, educational institutions, internship training to the students of well reputed institutions along with paying them stipend and providing moral and financial support in form of donation on compassionate basis to charitable institutions.

Public School at Sanawan

With the support of local people, FSML has established a public school at Sanawan. Expenses of school are being shared between the Company and administration of the School. The School is a fully equipped educational center specially meant for the employees of the Company and generally for the children of Sanawan and its vicinity. The school is providing education up to matriculation which is being subsidized by contribution of FSML.

Allotment of land for Girls College

FSML has allotted 05 acres of land for construction of a Girls College at Sanawan and with the contribution of Government of Punjab the college building is in final stage of Construction and Insha'Allah the college will become functional by the next year. The College shall play a positive role for uplift of social & educational status of girls in vicinity. We believe in the saying that by educating mothers we can educate whole nation.

Flood Relief Activities

The Fatima Sugar Mills Limited in collaboration with the Fatima Group of Companies has set up a Flood Relief Camp for the people of district Muzaffargarh. The Group has made generous donations and immediately started food and shelter assistance for the flood affected families also assisting in the rehabilitation of more than 5000 peoples.

Fatima Sugar also engaged its personnel, machinery and other resources to strengthen the flood bund to save surrounding property and cultivated lands however because of the severity of the flood water at Taunsa Barrage, the water could not be controlled and after the devastation of the area including the Mill premises the company has to curtail its operation to provision of food and shelter Both in district Muzaffar Garh and Multan. The company has setup its camps in district Muzaffar Garh and Multan City for the shelter to flood affected peoples.

Later on during the rehabilitation phase the company has repaired more than 20 KM of Road Networks. The Group along with the Pakistan Army has participated in rehabilitation and repair of 10 government Schools of the area. The Group in collaboration with the government has taken a project of building a village comprising of 100 homes which is in its final stages of construction where the poor, homeless people will be settled.

Page Last Updated: Thursday, April 28, 2016