Mr. Faisal Ahmed Mukhtar

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Faisal Ahmed is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Company. He is also the CEO of Reliance Weaving Mills Limited and Fatima Trade Company Limited. He holds a Law degree from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. He is the former Mayor and City District Nazim of Multan, and continues to lead welfare efforts in the city. He is also the Chairman of Workers Welfare Board at Pakarab Fertilizers Limited and is member Board of Directors at Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited, Pakarab Fertilizers Limited, Fatimafert Limited, Fatima Holding Limited, Fatima Electric Company Limited, Pakarab Energy Limited, Reliance Commodities Private Limited, Fazal Cloth Mills Limited, and Air One (Private) Limited. Additionally he was also a member in the Provincial Finance Commission (Punjab), Steering Committee of Southern Punjab Development Project and Decentralization Support Program.