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About the Facility

Spring Clinic / Institute of Psychiatry

Mental health remains the most neglected field in Pakistan. Millions suffer everyday from mental disorders due to shortage of mental health professionals, mental health facilities and low level of awareness and acceptance of difficulties faced by individuals. There is a dire need for experts to come forward and cater to the needs of this neglected population of the society so that they can all wake up to have a better tomorrow. This is where we step in

Located in Multan - Pakistan, a city of Sufi Saints, covering an area of 20,420 square feet Spring Clinic / Institute of Psychiatry provides state of the art services.


Our goal is to become a premier psychiatric treatment facility in the region


Mission is to promote mental health in the region and to deliver evidence based mental health care in a sensitive manner in the special social cultural background of the region for not only to treat the disease but also to improve the quality of life. Based on the basic principle of the medical ethics including, autonomy, beneficence non maleficence and justice.

Future Plan

In the first phase, the psychiatric facility will cater to outpatients only. Eventually the facility will be expanded to include inpatient services as well.