Values and Behaviours

These values are a part of our business's DNA.

These are the values that Pakarab Fertilizers Limited epitomize, and are reflected in all our transactions and interactions. Congruence to these values has been a part of our business strategy. They are bound in the very fabric of our organization, shaping and shaped by organizational processes, procedures and practices.


Behaviors for “Integrity”:

  • We are sincere, truthful and trustworthy in all our transactions and interactions and will honor commitments.
  • We respect the dignity and rights of individuals and groups assuring that our judgments are free from discrimination and biases.
  • We create an environment of fairness and transparency and abide by all applicable laws in letter and spirit.


Behaviors for “Innovation”:

  • We encourage knowledge building and information sharing by creating an environment in which innovative ideas are nurtured and developed.
  • We maintain an environment of openness towards new ideas that challenges the status quo while eliminating the fear of failure.


Behaviors for “Teamwork”:

  • We consciously encourage “We” culture & discourage “I/Me” culture as we believe that teams can achieve more than what individuals can do.
  • We take pride in the accomplishment of the teams while respecting differences in opinions and value diverse talents.
  • We believe in working together for the achievement of common objectives by empowering employees collectively while retaining their individuality.
  • Our team agenda takes precedence over personal goals as we take pride in team accomplishments and accept joint responsibility for any possible shortcomings.

Safety, Health, Environment and CSR

Behaviors for “Safety, Health, Environment & CSR”:

  • We are committed to building a safe and healthy workforce that contributes towards the business growth and sustainability.
  • We take a proactive approach towards health, safety and environment management in order to achieve zero harm.
  • We support communities and main a special focus on protecting environment across all our business operations.

Customer Focus

Behaviors for “Customer Focus”:

  • We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by actively engaging with them and ensuring prompt actions for continuous improvement in our products and services.
  • We conform to customer needs in everything we do by adopting a proactive approach – we go to customer’s door step and do not wait for the customer to come to us.


Behaviors for “Excellence”:

  • We endeavor to exceed expectations in everything we do.
  • Our pursuit of business excellence is characterized by the formulation and implementation of world class processes and effective use of technologies.
  • We continuously develop and improve skills and competencies of people and ways of working to achieve outstanding results and benchmark our performance with “best in-class”.
  • We make optimal use of all resources for sustainable business growth.

Valuing People

We value our people as our greatest resource

Behaviors for “Valuing People”:

  • With mutual respect at all levels, we develop sense of ownership by involving people in decision making.
  • We treat all people equally with respect, dignity and without any discrimination.
  • We provide an exciting and enjoyable environment, ensuring work-life balance, creating opportunities for growth and development and supporting gender diversity.
  • We are working diligently in a diverse culture while respecting and valuing people for their individuality.
  • We ensure providing a career path for each individual.
  • We believe in nurturing and helping people unleash their talent whilst rewarding their contributions through a high performance culture.
  • Our environment will always be favorable for attracting and retaining the best talent through a transparent, merit based system.

We value our people as our greatest resource

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