• Sarsabz Urea - 46% Nitrogen

Sarsabz Urea releases nitrogen into soil which is thereafter taken up in by the plants. Once applied to the soil, Sarsabz Urea undergoes vital transformations and breaks up into ammonium form and this total process is dependent on soil moisture. As soon as Sarsabz Urea dissolves in the soil, it forms around it a zoning layer of high pH and ammonia concentration turning the soil to be acidic and toxic at the same level. Sarsabz Urea is available as prills that are crystalline white and highly resistant to moisture and thus facilitate long time storage as well.


Sarsabz Urea has the highest nitrogen content, equal to 46 percent. This percentage is much higher than other nitrogenous fertilizers available in the market. The nutrient composition rendered by urea enhances the productivity of the soil and enriches its nutrient constituency. Providing each plant with relevant element needed, urea sustains plant life.


Sarsabz Urea can be applied in various forms, it can be spread in bulk alone or can also be mixed with other fertilizers before application. When urea is applied on acidic soils of lower pH i.e below 7.0, it should be incorporated into the soil as soon as possible. Sarsabz Urea is high moisture absorbent therefore it should be stored in sealed and well enclosed bags.

Sarsabz Urea

Urea is widely used in the agriculture sector both as a fertilizer and animal feed additive, which makes the production of Sarsabz Urea considerably high in comparison to other fertilizers in the country.