M.W. Kellogg (1976)

  • Natural gas (methane)
  • Air
  • Water (in the form of steam)

Name Plate = 910 MTPD
After installation of PGRU in 1986 = 960 MTPD

Ammonia Plant


Based on Kellogg process, steam reforming of the natural gas, the plant commenced production in November 1978. The plant had capacity of 910 MTPD, which was enhanced by 50 MTPD through addition of Purge Gas Recovery Unit in April, 1986.The plant is designed to operate 330-days per annum (initially 320-days/annum prior to capacity increase). Present energy consumption at the plant is 9.6 G.Cal /MT of Ammonia (excluding non-productive gas), which was 9.464 G.Cal /MT of Ammonia during guarantee period.