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Nitric Acid
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450,000 MTPA

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Plant

Designed capacity of this plant is 1,500 MT per day of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate having 26%+(0.5) Nitrogen contents , 1-2 % Potassium Sulphate and positive coating with coating agent as additional nutrient to stabilize the prills & fulfill the soil requirement. It is manufactured by mixing 75% molten Ammonium Nitrate and 25 % Calcium Carbonate in the mixing tank at 170 Celsius. Around 550 to 700 MT of Ammonium Nitrate is produced per day directly by reacting Ammonia gas and 60% concentration aqueous Nitric acid in the Neutralization Reactor. 1,050 MT of Ammonium Nitrate is produced per day in the CN Section by reacting Calcium Nitrate solution with Ammonia and Carbon dioxide gases in the CN Reactors. 600 MT of Calcium Carbonate is also produced per day in the same CN Reactors. Calcium Ammonium Nitrate is hygroscopic by nature and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere therefore it can be used in the soil without sufficient water. It contains 13% Nitrate Nitrogen which supplies nutrients immediately to the plants and rest 13% Ammonium Nitrogen gives food slowly till ripe up of the crop. Process of the plant is designed as well detail engineering is done by FRIEDRICH UHDE GMBH. This plant is in production since 1979.