Snamprogetti( SAIPEM) Ammonia stripping technology

  • Liquid Ammonia (from Ammonia Plant In Pakarab Fertilizer)
  • Gaseous Carbon dioxide (from Ammonia plant in Pakarab Fertilizers)

100,000 MTPA

Urea Plant

In Pakarab Fertilizer Multan, there is one Urea plant having a capacity of 300 metric tons per day. This plant employs Snamprogetti( SAIPEM) Ammonia stripping technology. In addition to standard urea plant sections, the PFL urea plant also handles a pressurized ammonia storage facility and an ammonia cylinder/bowser filling facility.

The gaseous Carbon Dioxide is compressed in reciprocating compressor and is fed to reactor where it meets with liquid ammonia and recycle carbamate solution. The reaction is two step and gives almost 60% molar conversion based on carbon dioxide. This process also yields water. In later decomposition stages the solution containing urea, carbamate and water is heated at a reduced pressure to decompose and recycle carbamate. Finally water is evaporated in a two stage vacuum evaporation system to get urea melt. This urea melt is sprayed through prilling bucket in prilling tower where contact with atmospheric air solidifies it in the shape of prills. The resultant product is 99.7% urea with remaining water.