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The first and only green field project materialized under the 2001 Fertilizer Policy.

The key challenge to a healthy crop yield is posed by imbalanced and nutrient-deficient soil. Research has highlighted this condition to be prevalent across Pakistan. Hence, there is a need for modern solutions and the use of next generation fertilizers for improving soil quality. It is therefore essential to encourage the use of fertilizers that are nitrogen, phosphate and potassium based.Balanced nutrients are key to healthy crops and optimum yield.

Fatima Group, from its both Pakarab Fertilizers and Fatima Fertilizer plants, produces a wide variety of fertilizers, including urea, calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), nitro phosphate (NP) to cater for the agronomy of the Country.

The Government of Pakistan has planned to enhance the agricultural productivity by encouraging the use of fertilizers having balanced nutrients. The objective of this program is to ensure the use of major nutrients like nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, applied in the right quantity at the correct time.

Fatima Group produces nitrogen and phosphate based fertilizers as balanced nutrient solutions and ensures availability throughout Pakistan. Both Pakarab Fertilizers and Fatima Fertilizer plants have the technology to produce the necessary range of compound fertilizers. The combined manufacturing capacity is 2.1 million metric tons per annum, with following break-up:

Fertilizer Products


Metric Tons / Annum


In addition to the above, both plants also manufacture mid process products as follows:

Mid Products

Nitric Acid

Metric Tons / Annum


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