Fatima Group's Overview

Fatima Group contributes significantly to the economic development of Pakistan.

Who We Are 

In 1936 Fatima Group started off with trading of commodities and soon ventured into manufacturing of various products. Fatima Group being the most innovative and progressive business group in the country plays a dynamic role in the growth and sustainability of the business sector.

We at Fatima Group have been working hard to achieve the highest level of excellence in all our operations. From a small company we have grown into one of the biggest business enterprises in the country.

What We Do

Fatima Group has worked its way to success by working together as a team. We now deal in fertilizer, sugar, trading, textile, mining and energy. Following are the companies responsible for our business operations:

  • Fatima Fertilizer Limited
  • Pakarab Fertilizers Limited
  • Reliance Weaving Mills Limited
  • Fatima Sugar Mills Limited
  • Reliance Commodities (Private) Limited
  • Fatima Energy Limited
  • Pakistan Mining Company Limited

The group has a vision to further diversify its scope of business and looks forward to start its business operations overseas to make a mark around the globe. We have already started working in USA for our fertilizer division. In near future we hope to see Fatima Group as a recognized business entity in the world. 

Page Last Updated: Sunday, May 01, 2016