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Finding from the natural heritage. Explorer of phosphate to produce our own fertilizing products.

Pakistan is endowed with rich mineral resources and is emerging as a promising area for exploration of mineral deposits such as rock phosphate. Estimated deposits of up to 26.000 million tons were discovered in 1969 through extensive geological surveys. These potential deposits can be used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Rock phosphate is used as a raw material for the production of phosphate fertilizers, phosphoric acid and other industrial chemicals and animal-feed.

Currently, Pakistan has an installed capacity of one million tons for production of all types of phosphate fertilizers. These, primarily include di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), single super phosphate (SSP) and nitro-phosphate (NP) fertilizers.

Fatima Group has two fertilizer plants, Pakarab Fertilizers and Fatima Fertilizer, manufacturing compound fertilizers.

Pakistan Mining Company Limited, a Fatima Group Company, is engaged in quarry of rock phosphate. The rock phosphate extracted from the mines will reduce the dependency on imports.

Page Last Updated: Sunday, May 01, 2016