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Adding sweetness to life with quality sugar - Fatima Sugar Mills Limited

Pakistan ranks 5th in the World in terms of area under sugarcane cultivation. Sugarcane is the primary raw material for the production of sugar. Since independence in 1947, the area under cultivation has increased more rapidly than other major crops and is currently over one million hectares.

The sugar industry in Pakistan is the 2nd largest agro-based industry comprising of 81 sugar mills with a combined annual crushing capacity of over 6.1 million tones. Sugarcane farming and sugar manufacturing contributes significantly to the national exchequer. Sugarcane by-products contribute significantly towards the foreign exchange earnings.

Fatima Group diversified in sugar manufacturing in 1989 and Fatima Sugar Mills Limited was incorporated. Crushing capacity has increased from 4,000 metric tons at inception to 9,500 metric tons in 2009.

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