Committed to working towards a secure and sustainable future

We owe a lot to the environment and the people we work with. We feel responsible towards the communities and aim to contribute for their betterment in every way possible. Our corporate social responsibility is more than just a statement. All companies of Fatima Group strive together in a singular direction that is contributing for the wellbeing of the local communities. Our initiatives in health, environment and other social sectors are the living proof of our concern. We believe that the growth of our business depends on the growth of the communities around us.

We have outlined six key initiatives to smoothly carry out our corporate social responsibilities:

  1. Community development
  2. Environment protection
  3. Governance and Ethical Practices
  4. Employee growth and wellbeing
  5. Customers service
  6. Working relationship with Shareholders/ Investors
Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that a successful business is a responsible business

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Our Approach

We firmly believe that a successful business is a responsible business

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The Work Place

Our ultimate goal is to run accident-free and injury-free operations.

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The Environment

We believe in protecting the environment and conserving resources thro ...

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The Customers

We believe in maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction, res ...

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The Contributions

Fatima Group believes in uplifting the society with collective efforts ...

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The Community

Our business practices incorporate strategies for supporting the devel ...

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