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Producing value added textile products with continued exports - Reliance Weaving Mills Limited.

Textile industry is the backbone of Pakistan's economy and plays an important role in the exports of the Country, constituting nearly 60% with a value of around US$5.2 billion. Textiles also constitute 46% of total output produced in the Country, which is almost 8.5% of the gross domestic product.

In Asia, Pakistan ranks 8th in terms of textile exports. Textile sector employs 38% of the work force in the Country. There is still great potential for growth in textile exports, as the world demand grows around 2.5% annually.

Reliance Weaving Mills Limited has two spinning and two weaving units. The total installed capacity of these units is as follows:

Unit Capacity
Spinning 16.300 million kg yarn
Weaving 61.000 million meters of woven fabric

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