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Our ultimate goal is to run accident-free and injury-free operations.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our workforce. This is more than a statement - it is a mindset that governs our actions and decisions.

Fatima Group has made a commitment to transform its businesses for the benefit of future generations. Fulfilling this promise requires the highest standards of leadership in all aspects of our business, especially health and safety. Our ultimate goal is to run an accident and injury free operation.


Fatima Group considers health, safety and environment of its employees, stakeholders, contractors and the community equal to its production targets. The long term business success of the organization depends on the ability to continually improve the quality of the producta while protecting people and the environment. Fatima group emphasizes on ensuring quality enhancement, occupational health, operational and process safety, environmental protection and community well-being. Fatima Group is committed to:

  • conduct itt business in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees, contractors and others involved in our operations and the community in which we live and operate;
  • conform to the requirements of all legislations, regulations and codes of practice pertaining to quality, health, safety and environment;
  • implement environmental protection measures that address pollution prevention in all aspects of our business;
  • prevent injuries, occupational illnesses, safety incidents and environmental excursions; - encourage off-the job safety awareness among employees and their families; - ensure that quality, health, safety and environment is a major responsibility of appropriately trained, empowered and accountable employees and management;
  • encourage and promote a culture where best quality, health, safety and environment practices and lessons learned from internal and external incidents are transparently shared with the stakeholders;
  • reaffirm its corporate sustainability commitments towards business excellence and be a responsible global corporate organization throughout its lifecycle;
  • maintain high standard of quality, health, safety and environment in all aspects of its business conduct and continuously improve its performance; and
  • recognize and reward outstanding quality, health, safety and environmental performance.


Fawad A. Mukhtar Chairman,
Fatima Group

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