Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Your company considers CSR as a fundamental sustainable business practice to contribute voluntary towards better society. Reliance Weaving Mills Ltd (RWML) strives to be a good corporate citizen. We have always shown strong commitment and support for public health and promotion of education that's why your company is a permanent donor of reputable charity organizations including Mukhtar A. Sheikh

Trust. Which contributes towards the well-being of deprived people by setting-up Hospitals, Medical camps etc. The free medical camps are set up in far flung areas of the Country where healthcare is very hard to access. Patients avail free medical check-up along with medicines. More than 50% population of our country is illiterate and government expenditures on education stood 2.3% of GDP. Your Directors feels that there is an urgent need to establish educational institutions. With this vision in mind, we joined hands with The Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust to build its own schools & technical education campuses' in different areas in order to promote quality education at the grass-roots level so that the people can become useful part of the society by contributing towards the economic development of the Country.

Page Last Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2016