• Count Range 12/1 to 30/1 (Black polyester and cotton)
  • Count Range 12/1 to 30/1 (Black Polyester, White Polyester and Cotton)
  • Count Range 12/1 to 26/1 (Slub Heather Grey Yarns)
  • Count Range 12/1 to 26/1 (Slub Chain Heather Grey Yarns)
  • Count Range 12/1 to 26/1 (Slub Stretch Heather Grey Yarns)
  • Count Range 12/1 to 16/1 (Stretch Heather Grey yarns)

Heather Grey is most popular due to unique wavy grey color. It gives very attractive look when used in garments.


Heather Grey Yarns are being used in knitwear and denim industry. In knitwear, it is used in t-shirts, uppers, trousers, under garments, swim wear, socks. In Denim it is mainly used in weft.

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Heather Grey Yarn

Heather Grey is the yarn which is produced with various combinations of raw white and black polyester. Considering these combinations as examples; 99% raw white cotton + 1% black polyester or 98% raw white cotton + 2% black polyester or 95% raw white cotton + 5% black polyester, many shades can be generated with different ratios of dyed polyester and in different colors. The yarns produced through these techniques are called "Heather Grey Yarns" or "Polyester Melange Yarn". Along with "Cotton Melange Yarn", our spinning unit produces 14 shades of "Heather Grey"