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Fatima Sugar Mills Limited

Fatima Sugar Mills is one of the oldest and largest sugar manufacturer in Pakistan

About Fatima Sugar Mills Limited

Fatima Group diversified into sugar manufacturing in 1989 and incorporated Fatima Sugar Mills Limited. Since then, crushing capacity has increased from 4,000 metric tons at inception to 9,500 metric tons in 2009. We produce white refined sugar from the best sugarcanes in the country in a state-of-the-art production facility near Sanawan Tehsil Kot Addu. The company sells its best quality sugar within the country and to foreign customers as well. The company also sells its byproduct molasses in the local and international markets.

Environmental Sustainability

Our focus is to work with our farmers as partners developing their expertise and profitability. We continue to pursue environment friendly policies to effectively and efficiently use all energy resources aiming for zero waste and a clean healthy environment in its vicinity.


Cane To Sugar

Pakistan ranks fifth in the world in terms of area under sugarcane cultivation. Sugarcane is the primary raw material for the production of sugar. Since independence in 1947, the area under cultivation has increased more rapidly than other major crops and is currently over one million hectares.

The sugar industry in Pakistan is the second largest agro-based industry, comprising 81 sugar mills with a combined annual crushing capacity of over 6.1 million tonnes. Sugarcane farming and sugar manufacturing contribute significantly to the national exchequer. Sugarcane by-products contribute significantly to foreign exchange earnings.

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